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About Me 


Jewelry is an expression of art and emotion, a statement of fashion.  I have always enjoyed works of the art.  Especially anything that involves creating and crafting with my own two hands.  People have always commented highly on my artistic ability.  I have a true passion for creating.


One day I found myself in the need of a necklace - something to match an outfit I was going to wear.  After many a store  visits and frustration, I found myself in a craft store and thought, "why not?".  I stumbled upon these stone beads and struck up an idea.  I went home and created my very first piece. I got many compliments on my necklace. What a feeling of inspiration!   I had so much fun creating it, I thought why not create more.  So I did.  The more I created, the more compliments  I got.  And thus "Angel Kisses" was born.


Naming my business came easy.  When my children were born they had these red birth marks trailing down the back of their necks, and my son had one on his forehead. The doctor said "your child was kissed by an angel! These birthmarks are called "angel kisses"."  I always thought how wonderful to be kissed by an angel before coming into this world.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted by me. Most pieces are kissed with my signature "angel wing" charm  (rings and earrings don't usually have room for one)  .  If you see a piece  that you would like in a different color or designed a bit differently, please feel free to contact me.  Also if a piece is sold out and you had wanted to purchase it I might have the materials to re-create it.  I can make custom pieces to your liking for special occasions as well.  I also fix jewelry- If you have any knots in your chains, or a clasp that needs to be fixed or is missing- please contact me- I can help! If you are local and would like to have a home show please email me and we can set up a date!


Please Note: with all my earrings- Only the bright silver earring wires are hypoallergenic as far as I know the other colors are not (gunmetal, copper, bronze, etc).  If you should need hypo on other color earring wires I can treat them- please let me know.


Thank you for your time in viewing my pieces.

 I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!



Melanie Skurbe

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